Melissa McLaughlin

Melissa McLaughlin MMP, LMT, NCCA, Reiki Master

Owner of New Horizon Wellness Center and Operator of Restorative Muscular Therapy

Melissa had a dream 10 years ago to open a Wellness Center that had modalities that complimented each other in a location that each practitioner could grow to their full potential. She has manifested her dream into her reality.

She began her journey at UMASS Lowell receiving an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science- Exercise Physiology. From there she received her Personal Trainer Certification through NETA and has maintained this certification since. She went to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich, MA to receive her Holistic Therapeutic Massage Therapy certification at 770 hours.

She instantly opened her business at the Cummings Center, Beverly but quickly outgrew that location and expanded to her current location in 2017 at 70 Herrick Street, Beverly, MA.

She became a Medical Massage Practitioner through LMT Success Group based out of Deerfield Beach, FL which included about 100 more hours of extensive training and she can now work with Workman’s Comp and Personal Injury claims. Melissa’s extensive background in anatomy, physiology and kinesiology helps her with each client by understanding how each body works and moves differently.

She is also certified in effective treatments for sciatica and hip pain, back injury prevention specialist, core assessments and training, longevity wellness specialist, lymphatic drainage, rockblading, kinesiotaping, TMJ treatments, and shoulder injury relief. Melissa maintains her personal training certification in order to provide her clients a more therapeutic approach by offering stretches and strengthening exercises to them so they can work hand in hand with her.

When clients see Melissa they usually rehab a specific problem together. She suggests weekly appointments working on relieving the issue through addressing the primary problem first followed the by secondary pain. Once a client reaches more days between sessions with less pain, the length between sessions increases, pushing the week to biweekly and eventually getting to the maintenance level of once per month.

Melissa lives in Lynn currently but loves the City of Beverly and all it has to offer. She enjoys being outside in nature especially on walks with her pup Mya.

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